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Q322069: Dynamic Update 1.3

Using Dynamic Update requires Windows Setup to connect to the Windows Update site for every installation, which may not be desirable in a corporate environment. This update provides a corporate solution, allowing corporate administrators to download the Dynamic Update package to a network install share, so users can install Windows XP from a network install share that includes the selected updates. Read the instructions below for downloading the self-extracting .exe file, downloading drivers, and preparing dynamic updates for both attended and unattended installations.

System Requirements
This update applies to Windows XP.

How to use
  1. Download this package, and then run the self-extracting .exe files in the Dynamic Update share. The package may contain up to three cab files.
  2. Download corresponding drivers from Windows Update to the Dynamic Update share.
  3. Run the command prompt: Winnt32 /duprepare:<Name of Share>, and then winnt32 /dushare <Name of Share>. This processes the cabs and prepares them for installation.

For attended user installation: Users can install by running the following command: winnt32 /dushare:\\server name\share name

For unattended user installation: add the following entry to your Unattend.txt file instead of using the winnt32.exe /dushare command:

Dushare=\\server name\share name

For additional information on how to deploy the Windows XP Dynamic Update package, read Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) article Q322069. (This site is in English.)

How to uninstall
The updates cannot be uninstalled from a user's computer. You can remove the package by deleting it from the network install share.

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